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4 Decisions That Can Result In High Plumbing Costs

If you could always decide how to spend your money, you probably would never choose to spend it on a plumber. However, by making some decisions, you are inadvertently choosing to spend your money on plumbing repairs. Let’s take a closer look on different ways in which this happens.

1. Trying to Replace Toilet Seats

Although toilet seats look like they would be easy to replace, they may not be. It depends on the type of toilet seat. For instance, if your toilet seat has a metal rod or bolts, it might require substantial tools and the help of a plumber to replace. You can’t always remove an existing toilet seat with basic tools. There have been instances when well meaning homeowners attempted to replace a toilet seat only to find out that it’s much more difficult than it looks. There’s a chance that it needs to be cut off with a saw.

2. Using Poor Quality Materials

If you hire a plumber and happen to peruse the itemized bill, only to find out that some of the parts and materials seem to be much more costly than what you think they should be, there might be a reason. Although it’s fine to ask about the situation, just keep in mind that quality materials tend to cost more. You should want them to use high quality materials because that will usually reduce the chances of the same problem occurring down the road. For additional insights, is a useful resource to learn more information.

3. Hanging Items on Pipes

Depending on the design of your kitchen and bathroom, you probably have extra space under the sinks near the pipes. This is a place where many people store cleaning supplies of all kinds of stuff. This area also tends to serve as a place to store rags, sponges and other items used for cleaning the home. Sometimes there is a sufficient enough pressure caused from hanging too many items that it starts to cause a problem with the pipes. Although it usually isn’t an issue, keeping that area clear might prevent a call to a plumber.

4. Not Using a Drain Strainer

It’s actually quite remarkable that an inexpensive drain strainer that costs only a few dollars can save you hundreds of dollars. It’s common for hair to get stuck in drains. This is something that happens in every home. If you have long hair, you’re more likely to experience problem and longer hair often makes the issue more difficult to resolve. Using a drain strainer makes sense and it’s easy to put one in each of your sinks, as well as the shower.

Everybody likes to save money. Sometimes you can develop good habits that can help to keep your money in your pocket or bank account where it belongs.

4 Surefire Ways to Benefit From Real Estate CRM

If you’ve been in real estate for any length of time, you know there’s a lot that must happen during each transaction, regardless of your earnings. In addition to having the required knowledge and certifications, you must be able to manage a variety of key functions. Integrating a real estate CRM system is a great way to simplify and lighten your workload. Let’s take a closer look at how you can benefit from CRM.

1. Lead Development

There’s a lot you can do to capture leads. Once you have done so, you’re just getting started because those leads must be developed and nurtured. The right real estate CRM system can help you achieve that goal. You can develop leads in many different ways, such as the use of an electronic newsletter that’s automatically sent out to your contacts using a drip campaign strategy. This isn’t something that’s standard, boring or typical. In fact, you can create a variety of engaging letters that are pre-written and distributed when it’s appropriate.

2. Team Collaboration

When you’re just getting started as a real estate agent, you might decide to venture out on your own. In the event that you join a team or establish your own team, collaboration is something that can be difficult if you don’t have the right software. Fortunately, a good real estate CRM system can make coordination and collaboration with either internal or remote teams easier. You can share information and view what’s happening with clients and the workload, often in real time. It’s a great way to optimize the efficiency of your operations.

3. Goal Setting

Many of the real estate CRM programs on the market have a goal setting feature that enables you to establish goals and monitor the progress that has been made. This is often a much appreciated feature because you can see where you are and determine what’s necessary for you to get back on track if you get overwhelmed from one week to the next. It’s a great way to establish a tactical roadmap for completing your work so that you are always headed in the right direction. More resources can be found at,or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.

4. Social Media Marketing

Managing social media is a job within itself that requires a lot of time, effort and patience. If you don’t have an automation feature for social media marketing, you’ll end up spending every free moment you have posting on different platforms. There are CRM systems that significantly simplify your social media marketing functions.

As a realtor, there are many ways to benefit form customer relationship management systems. You simply need to identify a program that works best for your needs.