5 Prison Escapes Which Shocked The Prison Establishments

Prison break is something we all have loved in one or the other movie which we have watched in any point of our lives. This is something which required detailed planning which is also a part of the indoor navigation nowadays. It can give you an adrenaline rush while watching the movie. But, it is not so easy while planning live as if it was easy these prisoners would not have landed in the prison itself in the first place.

So, When we look over the best prison escapes, we must consider the following:

Dental Floss Escape


The murder convict and the Sicilian mafia member, who escaped from the Turin prison was none other than Vincenzo Curcio. He sawed through his prison cell using just the dental floss to execute his plan of escape in the year 2000. The prison was designed in the best way for the external attack and the cell was made of low-quality iron.

Master Crafters Escape


This escape was done from the Britain’s Parc Prison. A group of three inmates managed to escape with the help of tools that they built from the materials available to them at the prison. They built a master key, a working gun and a ladder for the fence. This escape happened in the year 1995.

Mother Truckers Escape


In the year 1998, Jay Sigler managed to escape from the Everglades Correctional Institution of Florida in the 8th year of his 20 year sentence. His mother came with another vehicle which directly ran into the fences while the Visitors came to visit their near and dear ones. He hopped into his mother’s car and changed 2-3 cars for throwing off the chasers.

The Great Escape


Stalag Luft III was the German prisoner of war of the world war II. This was a plan made along with 200 other prisoners with the lead of a British inmate. They dug 3 different tunnels which were each 9 meters deep. They managed to escape on 24th March 1944.

Helicopter Escape


Pascal Payet was a french criminal who escaped from the prison after he just started serving his sentence. In the year 2001, he planned to escape by hijacking a helicopter.