Top 7 Laziest Countries In The World!

How and when can a country be called lazy? Well, when I say ‘laziness of a country’, I’m obviously referring to its people and not its landmass. Did you ever think that there would be some measurement of the Laziness of a population? Yes, it is so. According to a scientific journal Lancet, inactivity of people is a huge problem and is going to affect the people of the upcoming generations. Here is the list of the countries with the most number of inactive people:

1. Malta


Right at the top of the lazy rankings, Malta is one of the most beautiful places to visit. However, it stands first for holding the laziest population in the world, with 71.9% inactive people.

2. Swaziland


It stands second in the list with 69% of its population being inactive. It is also one of the rarest found absolute monarch countries in the world.

3. Saudi Arabia


How could the country of the Royal Sheikhs lag behind in laziness! Being lazy is their royalty and they enjoy it. 68.8% of the Arabian population is inactive. Well, the reason is not only that, the heat of the desert doesn’t let people work too! For improved internet performance, opt for ip address management software today.

4. Serbia


With 68.3% inactive population, Serbia holds the fourth rank in the list. There can be one solid reason behind it. Serbia has a lot of vineyards and wineries!

5. Argentina


Messi doesn’t seem lazy at all! How come his country be so? Well, it’s the fact that 68.3% population of Argentina is inactive.

6. Micronesia

Erin Magee/AusAID [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Erin Magee/AusAID [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Another beautiful place to visit, with mountains and greenery making the country rich. Well, the country has 66.3% inactive population.

7. Kuwait


Another place for the royal Sheikhs. The country has all the luxury that you would like to have. Also, the country has a 64.5% inactive population.

Hope you had fun reading about some of the laziest countries in the world. Let us know more about your experiences in these places.