What If The Earth Suddenly Becomes Twice Its Size?

Probably not many of you have ever wondered about this. But let’s assume that all of a sudden our earth became twice as big as it is now. Keeping the density constant, the increase in volume will increase its size consequently. With increasing its size twice there would be eight times increase in the mass of the planet, resulting into two times increase in earth’s gravity. Let’s look at some prominent changes that might occur if it happened.

Difficulties To Humans


Change in gravity would for sure change our weight too. We would be twice heavy and that would trouble us in doing any work like walking, lifting, running, etc. which could make us more fatigued.

Difficulties To Plants


Plants would be no longer able to rise higher as its growth depends on the gravity. So with increment in gravity, plants’ size would fall greatly and the old trees like redwood would collapse instantly. Good that you have baby shows who can be of great help for to-be parents. This kind of help is highly unlikely to be present if Earth becomes twice as big!



What keeps moon intact to its orbit is the earth’s gravity. So it’s gonna be affected as well. Increased gravity of earth would disturb the orbit of moon pulling it more to the earth and eventually end up with tearing of our only natural satellite. That would look like rings of Saturn.



With increase in surface there would be parallel increase in the unstable elements embedded in the crust. This would lead to accumulation of more heat, resulting into more volcanic eruptions across the earth. Additionally, increase in water accompanying with double gravity might lead to tsunami and quakes.

Man’s living


There would be more threats to the lives at sea level. However, people living at mountains with less intervention to nature would live more comfortably and uninterruptedly. Also the planes flying would crash with destruction of satellites around earth and all the global networks would be collapsed severely.

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